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Who is the National Retirement Fund?

A Pension Fund Committed to Helping You Meet Your Retirement Needs

The National Retirement Fund (“The Fund”) is the administrator of two ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) defined benefit pension plans. It has over 245,000 participants including actively employed participants, terminated vested participants and retired participants. Over 450 participating employers contribute to the Fund pursuant to collective bargaining agreements or participation agreements.

An 18-member Board of Trustees sponsors the Fund. The Board of Trustees is comprised of nine trustees selected by Workers United and nine trustees selected by contributing employers to the Fund. The Fund’s contributing employers and trustees come from diverse industries including food service, distribution centers, commercial laundry, manufacturing and textiles. The Trustees meet several times a year to monitor the Fund’s operations, make decisions for the Fund and stay apprised of all Fund business.

The day-to-day administration of the Fund is managed by Amalgamated Employee Benefits Administrators (“AEBA”), a leading third party administrator with extensive experience and expertise in pension administration. AEBA provides a full range of services to the Fund, including but not limited to, maintaining records of participant benefits, eligibility, and payment history; processing pension applications in compliance with Fund rules; handling member inquiries; and general administration.  The Fund owns common stock of the parent company of AEBA.